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Communication is in a constant state of change and copywriting must move with it. And while part of the role of good copywriting today may be drawing visitors to your website, turning site visitors into buyers is where the craft comes in. You could say, the message is like the script. And craft is your brand's voice.


So let me raise my voice and introduce myself. I'm Glenn Churches. Copywriter. Thinker. Concept developer. And since good copywriting also paints mental pictures, from time to lime I also provide the pictures as well. Layouts that become ads, logos that become part of brands, images that unlock imagination. Welcome to my website. Come on in, pull up a mouse and have a look around.


Each ad or piece of communication has been tailored to suit a specific brand, medium, brand manager or creative partner. Your communication will be different. It will look like your product, feel like your brand, talk to your market. So all I can offer for now is a glimpse into the past and trust that it fires up your imagination for what I may achieve in the future. I'm sure it will.


You'll notice I've worked on copywriting for cars, food, wine and property. For companies like Lexus & Toyota. Great brands, even better cars. There have also been automotive products like Castrol and Valvoline, Bridgestone and Goodyear, HSV and Volvo Penta. Wine brands like Vintage Cellars and McWilliams. Multinationals like Unilever, Nestle and ING. And some amazing entrepreneurs.


When products speak to hearts and minds, I'm most at home. Products that engage the emotions and, in their own small ways, change lives. So if you're looking for selling concepts or copywriting that talks your brand's language, let's talk to each other. Soon.

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